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For Honor PS4 Review – With Classic Strategy Games

For Honor still offers a single-player campaign mode with a clear storyline. Players are also given all free access to its multiplayer features that will blow you away. Today, we brought you this For Honor PS4 review so that you can at least know the game before buying it. Because PS4 games are always a big costly and expensive in comparison to other types of games. In general, you will play three major factions carried in this game. Which are Knights, Vikings, and Samurai in a predetermined sequence, with different main characters but with one common thread. This for honor ps4 review will discuss all it.

Storyline and Missions in For Honor

For Honor - Year 4 Season 3 Resistance Launch Trailer | PS4

So what you find is a campaign mode with an approach similar to skirmish missions in classic strategy games. That you get the same basic gameplay as the multiplayer mode which is its main strength. There are cut-scenes to tell the story that will be offered, the introduction of quite a number of characters with confusing names. And then it ends up being a gameplay session that is attached to the multiplayer mode but is now decorated with AI. This is not bad but could have been improved

The story will focus on the figure of a knight in a black robe named Apollyon who will tie the fate of these three factions into one destiny that he wants to achieve. Missions are mostly decorated with different objectives that differ from each other. But often end up getting repetitive, given that your gameplay will stay the same. You’ll face off against ordinary soldiers, kill heroes from other factions that are more difficult to subdue, move on to the next objective, and so on. The difficulty level increases as you get stronger and the number of heroes of the other factions you’re thirsty for fighting at once. You can see this throughout our for honor ps4 review.

 With so many different types of heroes that you can sample while running a particular faction’s story, it actually feels like a hero-specific tutorial mode, but now it’s embellished with story elements in it. There is indeed a curiosity about who the real figure behind Apollyon’s mask is who clearly speaks in this woman’s voice. However, the repetitive gameplay content made players raise their hands and end up not finishing it.

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Things to Expect in Single Player Mode

You could say For Honor is similar to Battlefield 1. Although the main features are mostly in the multiplayer game mode, the developer still doesn’t rule out a single-player campaign. Single-player in For Honor can be called a place for newbies to practice before you finally enter the real battle in the multiplayer arena. There are three main factions that are highlighted in this game, including Vikings, Knights, and Samurai.

Each faction has four heroes with different skills and ways of playing. Some rely on heavy attacks, while others rely on speed. It depends on how you play. Because it is a training arena, single-player is perfect for trying all the existing heroes. In addition, single-player will eventually make it easier for you to get used to it and find which Hero is the most suitable to play.

Gameplay of For Honor

Ubisoft did a great job at portraying this new game style that has never been brought into the world of gaming before. Because of their courage to explore various genres and styles of gameplay with a new product. In fact, if they wanted to, they could have used their popular franchise to continue making money. Regardless of the gamers’ criticisms that surfaced. Our for honor ps4 review will also talk about some of the amazing gameplay from this best PS4 fighting games.

An extreme sports genre game that is never even touched by many game publishers today. Not all of these concepts are considered successful in the market, but the creative policy to continue to produce something new deserves praise. Including what they did with For Honor.

On the surface, it might look like PvP combat for games like Dark Souls but with a more chaotic atmosphere, but if you dive into it, it ends up being much more tactical and complex. With a selling point that also focuses on the existing multiplayer mode, the challenge is of course greater than we imagined.

Exploring Multiplayer Mode

Next, our for honor ps4 review will discuss multiplayer mode. While in multiplayer mode, you can fight for the faction you choose at the start of the game. Your main task is to expand your territory so that you become the faction with the most territory. The multiplayer mode is also divided into several types of games, ranging from duels, to mass battles.

For every mission or game session you complete, you’ll earn rewards that you can use to improve your character’s attack and defense qualities. In addition, there are also unique knick-knacks that can make your character’s weapons have a more unique look.

For Honor PS4 Review

Pros of For Honor:
– Interactive AI system with many NPC
– Can be played massively multiplayer without any lag
– Has over 60+ hours of solo campaign story mode

Cons of For Honor:
– AI can be glitchy and boring after awhile
– Players tend to skip campaign because it gets too repetitive.
– Graphics needs to be lowered to maximize FPS in PS4



For Honor is able to present gameplay with unprecedented action. This game will be very interesting for those of you who like close combat action because the movement of each character is designed like the movement of the original attack. For us personally, this game is a must-try.

It offers all that is needed in a sandbox RPG game. With a rich storyline as well as precise melee attacks. For Honor is very satisfying to try if you are new to this genre. It is similar to Assassin’s Creed with a much more realistic and fast gameplay. Thus concluding ours for honor ps4 review.


Game Details

Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher Ubisoft
PlatformPlayStation 4
First ReleasedFebruary 14, 2017
Official Site

That is all for today’s For Honor PS4 review. We hope that you can thoroughly get an image of how this game is before considering to buy it.