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GTA V PS4 Review – Best Open World Fighting Game

The embedded open-world concept is indeed a distinct advantage of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar managed to maximize all the potential of an open-world game. Today, we bring you a GTA V PS4 review so that you can know a bit or two about this game.

The personalities that are presented in this game are very unique and unlike any other game. This is due to the game in itself having a very unique plot for a story.  Each of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V is portrayed with a special role. For example, you will come to learn new characters with a different storyline. Each character is unique so that players will not get bored too easily.

As one of the biggest games in 2013, and also one of the biggest re-releases in 2014, it’s only fitting that Games in Asia will present a full review of this game for you. But because Games in Asia has never presented a complete review of Grand Theft Auto V, in this article I will discuss GTA V as a whole, plus the differences that you can feel between the console version of the last generation and the current generation. Without further ado, because I don’t want Trevor to beat me up for opening this article too long, let’s just jump right into the discussion.

The Theme of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V -- Coming for PlayStation 4 this Fall | E3 2014

One of the most exciting things in Grand Theft Auto V is the story it carries. One of the biggest changes you can find here is that there are three characters at once who are the main characters. Each character has its own unique characteristics that make the game even more interesting. We will discuss this further throughout this GTA V PS4 fighting game review.

You will be introduced to Michael De Santa who is a middle-aged man with depression problems because his family, although well off, can be said to be a mess. The second character is Franklin Clinton, a young black man who is trying to pursue a career in the criminal path as well as wanting to get out of his environment. Lastly, of course, is Trevor Philips, a middle-aged psychopath and Michael’s accomplice from many years ago.

The relationship of these three characters, as well as their personal intrigue, makes Grand Theft Auto V one of the most interesting story-telling games released in recent years. In addition to having a very varied point of view, this game also has very good writing quality and is guaranteed to make you laugh and be more critical. Why be more critical? Because as I mentioned above, you can find a lot of satire and satire on various things related to social and political issues here.

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In addition to adding its own depth from a narrative perspective, the three protagonists that you can play here, of course, also add to the exciting gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V. Plus as long as you control a character, other characters won’t just stand still. It could be that when you are controlling a character and then moving to another character, the new character will be busy doing certain activities. For example, a character like Trevor who suddenly you will control in a hang-over in the middle of nowhere using only his underwear.

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Gameplay in GTA V Review

Don’t forget you can also meet other protagonists while walking around Los Santos. If this happens, you will be treated to certain chats that are obviously very interesting to follow. Seeing how dynamic Grand Theft Auto V often amazes me this game can be released on a machine as old as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and can fit on a single Blu-ray. GTA V PS4 review will also discuss further the gameplay and character development.

The main reason is, each character is made very special from one another. This can be given the credits for GTA V’s special AI system. Although everything is already coded into the game. It still looks like they have an expensive AI system. For example, Franklin’s style of how he communicates is differentiated. You can see different accents or slang being used.

Additional Features to Expect in GTA V

The next additional feature is a character whose ability to develop in carrying out any activity. You must have encountered this feature in GTA San Andreas, and in GTA V, this feature also comes with several additional variations. Gamers can shoot with higher accuracy after several shots with certain weapons.

In addition, the presence of the FPS mode or first-person perspective really makes GTA V present a dynamic style of play. This camera angle is especially attractive when used for walking on the sidewalk, swimming, skydiving, or driving a car. You could also play in a third person mode where it is much easier to drive and fly a plane. This wraps up our GTA V PS4 review for today.

Pros of GTA V PS4:
– GTA V can be played in a massive multiplayer mode. Mods are also enabled for any player who wants to try.
– Easy story mode with lots of tutorials to help you along the way
– Story rich and long playtime enables player to get the full grasp of all features. From guns, cars, and other types of wealth in game.

Cons of GTA V PS4:
– Costs a bit more in comparison to other games
– Takes a lot of time to grind online and finish, but worth it in the end.



Sure enough, some of the visual effects that are present on PC will not be found when playing GTA V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We played it with a high-end NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, and we didn’t encounter any annoying bugs throughout the game.


Game Details:

DeveloperRockstar Games
PublisherRockstar Games
PlatformPlayStation 4
First ReleasedSeptember 17, 2013
Official Site