Games · September 7, 2021

Best PS4 Fighting Games You Must Own!

There are many ways to play games online or even offline. You can use computers, smartphones, and consoles. Consoles are the main topic of the show today. Well, in this article, we will discuss which PlayStation 4 (PS4) multiplayer games are fun to play solo or even multiplayer with your friends. Playing the game alone is fun. However, playing multiplayer games together with friends is guaranteed to increase fun to the fullest.

PS4 has been a very trending console these past few years. Gamers crave high-quality games. Some of them are such as the best PS4 fighting games out there. You may have heard of games such as Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm, God of War, and even GTA V. These games could still be qualified as fighting games.

How Much Does The Best PS4 Fighting Games Costs?

PS4 games are sold at a very standard price. No game can be too expensive or too far from each other. This is because they follow a certain standard that has always been set by Sony PS4. For starters, there are games that are free. These games are such as Fortnite. The game is free because it gives players in-game purchases instead of where you can and I can buy skins.

Besides free games, PS4 fighting games would cost around $20. This would already be cheap and affordable. New and upcoming games would always be sold for around $50 and even as expensive as $60. This may be expensive because it has just launched.

As sourced from the video game store site, GDgames. Take a look at the most famous Rockstar Game which is GTA V. This game was launched at a fixed price of $50. But after awhile, this game’s price would decrease because there are discounts and summer sales. Also look for winter sales and other types of sales in the Sony PS4 online store. Because you can get up to 40 % or even 50 % discounts.

6 Best PS4 Fighting Games

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Fortnite is a game with the same genre as PUBG, namely battle royale. The goal of the game is to be the last person alive in the game. This game is entirely free to play and that there are no purchases needed. You may want to consider buying in-game skins later on but this is not a must.

Fortnite has been trending these past few years. Although the trend has been decreasing slowly, Fortnite still has a lot of players that loves playing it. In this year alone, their stream watches on could reach up to 50 thousand people daily. This may have changed from time to time. A daily average right now would be around 5 thousand.

You can also form a team of two or four people, and be the last team to survive in a game. Weapons can be found in various corners of the game. At one time, you can play with 99 other players, a total of 100 people in one game. The main objective is of course to survive. But doing so is not as easy as you might think. These battle royale are equipped with a huge barrier surrounding them. Every a couple of minutes, this barrier will keep on shrinking and decreasing. This will force players to move in towards the center of the barrier so that they will duel to death.

One unique thing about Fortnite battle royale is that there is a build feature in it. Players are expected to play a fast gameplay. Not only shooting, Fortnite incorporates building into its games so that you can play while building. Building means that you can build up small forts to increase your chances of survival. There are no fall damage in this game.

2. GTA V Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise that brings gamers into the role of three main characters. The three are not directly related at the beginning of the story, and slowly players will realize that they have something in common. If you’ve played the GTA IV expansion, you’ll have a similar experience. Because this game has a similar story but a much more complex online gameplay.

However, that similar feeling really only lasted for a moment. When starting the action in Los Santos, the game city of this game, players can feel a city with its inhabitants who have a pretty good AI. This can be seen when the interactions between the extra characters are encountered along the way, as well as when the main character interacts.

The city of Los Santos apparently has many interesting places to visit. Both within the city and in mountainous and coastal areas. In addition, this game has two different lives, day and night. This game provides a day and night cycle feature which makes it much more realistic.

Grand Theft Auto V has a very complete game mechanism as well as excellent graphics. Rockstar has also previously said that they are delaying the release for PC for better visual quality than the console version.

Grand Theft Auto V is a perfect game in every aspect. Not randomly, we see that this game can make players curious about what it can do in the game world, and GTA V allows gamers to make it happen, especially those who are hard-line fans of the GTA franchise. This is one of the best games ever released for PC of all time.

3. Devil May Cry 5

The next recommendation comes from Capcom games. Devil May Cry 5 has received a lot of praise from the outside game media. Devil May Cry 5 continues the storyline of the previous series. The story is still about the actions of Dante and his friends in eradicating demons. This game is very fun and interactive. If you like the slash and dash genre, then this is the one for you. Players do not need to think much about money or buying skins to look cool.

The animation if DMC 5 or Devil May Cry 5 is already high quality. It offers HD and even UHD display with high resolution. The game itself is stable in terms of FPS usage. So you can play Devil May Cry 5 with a high frame rate per second.

This time Dante has to deal with a super-powerful demon named Urizen. This game also has a new playable character named V. Unlike Dante and Nero, V fights using powers such as magic. Capcom tries to combine the classic style of play with a more modern feel. This game is safe to play for old players or for those who have never played the Devil May Cry series though. This series has never failed to disappoint any of it players.

It is safe to even say that this game is the best out of all of the DMC 5 or Devil May Cry series. If you want to buy it, it is not that expensive. The game is actually quite affordable for players to start buying today. You can check this game out in Sony’s store or even buying the CDs directly from offline shops.

4. For Honor

Launched on February 14, 2017, For Honor is one of the most original PS4 offline action games developed by Ubisoft Montreal. In a medieval setting, gamers have the opportunity to take on the role of a knight, vijingi, or samurai.

Players are given an open world experience of being a knight, vijingi or samurai while slashing their way up. The main objective is to kill the enemies and do the mission as told. As time goes on, you are able to develop new skill trees and upgrade your weapons.

For honor is a fun game if you are looking for a less competitive type of combat. Before starting the game, players would be given the option on whether or not they want the modes to be hard. Just choose moderate if you think that you are not ready for a harder type of hack and slash gameplay.

This game stands out through its multiplayer mode, which will put your skills to the test. During battles with your army of warriors, coordination and communication will be essential for victory, as you support your allies, annihilate the enemies and gain control of the battlefield. This game has one of the best graphics as well as game style amongst all of the other types of combat games. That was why it had got the top trending stop in Twitch for a couple of weeks.

Right now, the price for the For Honor game has dropped significantly. This is due to the mixed reviews that PC gamers brought into steam. There were many problems such as lags and glitch. Whereas PS4 players see this game as a very fun game to play without any problem at all. For Honor is sold at a racketeering price of $20.

5. Overwatch

Next up, we have another best PS4 fighting games from the wildly popular Blizzard. Being a very fun and addictive FPS, it offers something new that deviates from the standard formula of the genre.

Instead of giving players access to a plethora of weapons and perks, the developer has created a squad of 24 heroes, all with unique skills and abilities. Some are faster, others are stronger, some have ranged weapons while others are better at close combat. That is why we name Overwatch as one of the best PS4 fighting games out there. This is because all about the game is very mechanical.

On the other hand, you are not limited to choosing the hero that best suits your style, but choosing which hero is the most suitable to help your team. The game is updated frequently, new game modes are also added, so that the game can find its own community. The community is quite small for this game. So it may take awhile if you want to play ranked matches or competitive matches. Servers such as in Tokyo or South East Asia may lack the players to rank with. That is why you will have a harder time to go and play competitively in this game.

If you get lucky you may even purchase their skins for a cheap price. But most of them are costly so beware before you buy any skins inside the game. All in all, recommend any beginners to buy this game because it is fun and easy to understand.

6. Final Fantasy XV

Best PS4 fighting games continue with one of our favorite games. With revolutionary gameplay, horror-inducing graphics, and cutting-edge technology, Final Fantasy XV is original and special in the game world. It is a series of fighting games that has reached number 15. The fact that there are 14 other games like these just shows you how popular final fantasy is. Players are given the option to pick a character or even go one with the story mode.

Launched on November 29, 2016, the Open-World Role Play game, created and published by Sqare Enix, is the 15th in the Final Fantasy series and, without a doubt, the best. The action is set in the fictional world of Eos, where all the countries in the world are under the domination of the kingdom of Niflheim.

Outside of solitary action, in multiplayer mode, the action is designed in such a way as to co-evolve. And you can feel the effects of the game as a common and supportive experience. This created an e-sport scene for Final Fantasy XV. However, it was not long until this game was running out of trend.


Today we have brought to you 6 of the best PS4 fighting games in the market. Feel free to buy them or try them out. Do not forget to wait for sales to get the best and cheapest price for PlayStation 4 video games. This way you would not have to spend as much money on games as you think you want to.