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Final Fantasy XV PS4 Review – RPG Game With Best Graphic

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Review – Final Fantasy XV opens with a bold enough slogan for its players and fans. It reads “A Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers.” This game is the perfect Final Fantasy game if you are new to the franchise. But you do not want to start from Final Fantasy 1 up to the last game.

When it was developed, Square Enix really wanted Final Fantasy XV to have a taste similar to classic Final Fantasy, but also innovative so that newcomers could enjoy it. Plus Final Fantasy XV has to meet the expectations of fans who have been waiting ten years, definitely not an easy task. You may want to read a bit more about the Final Fantasy XV PS4 review before buying the game.

Final Fantasy XV is not a perfect game, in fact it is still inferior to some of its brothers. But this game has a charm, uniqueness, flaws, clichés, and a myriad of other things. Final Fantasy XV is a very Final Fantasy. And as a fan of this series we are happy to play it.

Long Awaited PS4 Game

In addition to the long wait and the first Final Fantasy series that launched on the latest console. Many fans of this series are curious to feel the sensation of playing a phenomenal RPG game in this beautiful graphic that spoils the eyes.

Unfortunately, the curiosity that has been suppressed for too long is getting ‘swollen’ because Square Enix is pulling out information about this action RPG game.

Even so, the assumption of people who say that Final Fantasy XV is not a real Final Fantasy series, actually makes them want to play the game even more. Not only us, but some hardcore Final Fantasy fans will also experience the same thing when they hear this assumption.

What to Expect From Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Review

Just for the record, Final Fantasy XV is a ‘reincarnation’ of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is one of the spin-off series of Final Fantasy XIII which was announced in 2006 ago. Next up is we are going to talk about the gameplay in the Final Fantasy XV PS4 review.

At that time, the Final Fantasy XIII spin-off series was planned to be divided into two: Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII (which eventually changed its name to Final Fantasy Type-0). However, due to a collision with one thing or another, the cultivation of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was delayed and lost somewhere.

There is no further information about Final Fantasy Versus XIII for many years. In fact, Square Enix has simply introduced the main character, Noctis Lucis Caelum, complete with a snippet of the story that fans have conjured up.

It was only in 2013, Square Enix finally announced the fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3. The bad news is that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no longer being continued, even though the Final Fantasy Type-O spin-off series is still being continued by Square Enix, and has even been released for the PSP and PS4.

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Characters of Final Fantasy XV

The good news, Final Fantasy Versus XIII changed its name to Final Fantasy XV. Yes, the fifteenth series of Final Fantasy adopts the story of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. By adopting the Versus XIII story, then will Final Fantasy XV be as successful as the previous series? Of course, you can see it today in this  Final Fantasy XV PS4 review.

Well, there weren’t many definite answers at the time, especially since Square Enix only shared a few snippets from the game. Which they claimed had only been working on 50 percent of the time.

Then, about the character? Nothing has changed, after all, only one of the ideal characters which is Versus XIII Stella Nox Fleure appears in the Final Fantasy XV trailer. The character portrayed in Final Fantasy XV is very exciting and full of stories. Players will never be easily bored when they play this game. Due to the unique types of

Price and Quality of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is a fun game to play RPG game and one of the best PS4 fighting games. If you are into dungeons and fighting monsters then this is it. In Final Fantasy XV, players are given the full choice to customize their inventory, weapon, armor, skill tree, and so much more. The quality of the game is incredible and that the animation itself is built for any type of players. Whether you want a casual game or a more competitive type of RPG. This game offers it all for its players.

The portrayal of every important moment is supported by quite extraordinary visual quality. Especially in cinematic scenes. Actually, there are a few complaints about the graphics, such as the character animations are a bit broken, the frame rate is not 60 fps. To the hair shape that still looks jaggy. But not infrequently Final Fantasy XV makes players satisfied

The depiction of cinematic scenes that are really “crazy” reminds us of the feeling of playing Final Fantasy in the past. Just wait until you see the scene of the appearance of Leviathan, or the final Astral action that I won’t name. You will feel a thrilling experience that can make you forget anything else. That is all for today’s Final Fantasy XV PS4 review.

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Review

Pros of Final Fantasy XV:
– Game has high quality graphics with good RPG system
– Affordable and still trending

– Does not have a long term story line
– Players are often bored after a short amount of time.



Final Fantasy XV is a game that’s both weird and cool. Various classic formulas are revamped in this game, but somehow Square Enix still manages to present a very thick Final Fantasy feel. The high level of detail shows that this game is carefully crafted to create an enjoyable experience for players.

Although it has shortcomings in terms of the main story, Final Fantasy XV is full of interesting moments that are hard to forget. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited playing a Final Fantasy title, so if you’re a fan of the RPG series, I’m sure Final Fantasy XV will satisfy you. Just one thing you need to remember, watch Kingsglaive first. We hope that this Final Fantasy XV PS4 review has helped you.


Game Details

Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
PlatformPlayStation 4
First ReleasedNovember 29, 2016
GenreRole-playing game
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