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Devil May Cry V PS4 Review

In the past few years Capcom’s actions have proven to be extraordinary. And with the success of Devil May Cry V, one of the best fighting games on PS4. Capcom’s reputation has gained the upper hand. The various overhauls & improvements that they present in this ambitious game have proven to be mature and able to deliver a hack & slash game experience at a higher level. In today’s article, we will show you a quick Devil May Cry V PS4 Review. Due to this game being a high demand and highly sought after.

For action game lovers, Devil May Cry is certainly one of the most popular of the many titles in this genre. Carrying a variety of actions that require players to always be stylish, this series is back through Devil May Cry 5 which was released last 2019.

Devil May Cry 5 is still being developed by Capcom and released for multi-platform, namely PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Along with the presence of next-gen consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game is back under the name Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition with some new content.

This fifth title features a new story, where Dante, Nero, and their demon hunter friends are visited by a new client named V. He then asks them all to fight Urizen, a creature who claims to be the demon king after he resurrected the Qlipoth tree.

What to Expect from Devil May Cry V

Devil May Cry V PS4 Review

Continuing the previous four series, now Dante and the rest of the Devil May Cry crew will be faced with a new threat that was never anticipated before. Once upon a time a mysterious young man nicknamed “V” offered Dante a job offer that Dante couldn’t refuse. Which was to kill a powerful demon with whom he still has blood ties. This Devil May Cry V PS4 review will discuss further regarding the storyline of the game. We will talk about this further in this devil may cry v PS4 review.

On the other hand, Nero is living a quiet life with his lover Kyrie. They are threatened when a mysterious man comes to take Yamato who is in Nero’s Devil Bringer. Unable to accept what he was experiencing, Nero tried to take revenge on the man who grabbed his hand. But unexpectedly, in the middle of the trip he found the Devil May Cry crew who had been lying helpless against Urizen, including Dante among them. This is where the fun begins and you play as Dante.

Seeing Dante who had been lying down, Nero finally decided to fight Urizen, but unfortunately his strength was still unable to match the demon king. Cornered, he finally meets V who also explains that Urizen is a demonic figure who cut his Devil Bringer.

The storyline of Devil May Cry V

For those of you who have never played & followed the Devil May Cry story and want to jump straight into this fifth series, of course, this is an inappropriate step. Of course, it will be difficult to taste the previous four Devil May Cry series, considering that all of them were released for various different platforms. And again the manga & anime also have a common thread that contains flashbacks that are also worth listening to.

We would not force you to play the previous four series in order to catch up to the main story of Devil May Cry V. But in general, knowing the full storyline will make the game so much more worth it. In comparison where you just jump into the 5th game directly.

For those of you who still want to enter the circle of enthusiasm as quickly as possible without tasting the previous series, you can still do this. Try watching online reviews, walkthroughs, gameplays or even recap of the game itself in Youtube. Obviously you won’t get the best experience, but this one option will be enough to help you catch up & understand the story of Devil May Cry series so far.

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Gameplay and Mechanics of Devil May Cry V

There are many unique play style and gameplay for the gamers. Players are still required to always issue a variety of stylish combos in order to get the best score at the end of each mission. Like its predecessors, there are various bosses that players must face with different attack patterns at each level. This is what makes this game enjoyable and challenging at the same time. You can

Devil May Cry 5 itself was built with the RE Engine which was first implemented in Resident Evil 7. The engine is what makes the visuals of this game look more realistic, both in the game and when just watching the cutscenes.

It will be very easy for players to feel motivated when playing Devil May Cry 5. One of them is through the use of sound that feels right, especially when entering the battlefield. Through the unique combination of battle themes from each character, adrenaline will be easily driven and players will be more enthusiastic to achieve SSS combos.

Devil May Cry V PS4 Review

Pros of Devil May Cry V:
– Rich storyline with non-monotonous cut scenes in between.
– Has over 70 hours of playtime and a continuous storyline.
– High-quality graphics since the game has been improved repeated times.

Cons of Devil May Cry V:
– Hard to follow the storyline if new to the series.
– Graphics are sometimes too gory and cannot be followed by all players.



Players who are interested in playing a variety of interesting actions can try a few combos that are not monotonous. This is because Devil May Cry 5 is the right choice to allow those mechanics to exist.

Accompanied by an interesting story, seamless gameplay with all the unique playable characters and an adrenaline-pumping battle theme, playing this game provides an exciting experience. That is all for today’s devil may cry v PS4 review.


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First Released8 March 2019
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