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Whacked Slot: A Gangster-Themed Online Slot Game

Whacked Slot is an online slot game developed by Nolimit City that revolves around a gangster theme. The game captures the essence of the gangster lifestyle, featuring elements like organized crime, violence, and the art of “whacking” someone. 

Nolimit City, known for their daring and controversial slot themes, has created Whacked! to deliver a thrilling and immersive gaming experience for players. 

Whacked Slot Overview

Whacked Slot

In this article, we will provide an overview of Whacked Slot, jackpot slots, including its themes, symbols, RTP rate, volatility, game features, and how to play. Let’s dive into the world of Whacked! and discover what this gangster-inspired slot has to offer.

Slot Themes

Whacked! takes place in a desolate middle-of-nowhere setting, resembling an automobile graveyard near a deserted gas station in the desert. The rugged rocky hills, blue skies, and desert flora evoke memories of the iconic television series Breaking Bad, which was set in Albuquerque. The game also features a nighttime bonus round in the same location. Nolimit City has paid attention to detail by incorporating a captivating design that reflects the gritty atmosphere of the gangster world.

Slot Symbols

The symbols in Whacked Slot reflect the gangster theme perfectly. The low-paying symbols include a rope, dagger, knuckle dusters, pistol, and shotgun. On the other hand, the high-paying symbols consist of five hardened character symbols. Additionally, wild symbols can appear on the reels and substitute for any regular pay symbol, increasing your chances of winning.

RTP Rate and Volatility

Whacked! offers players three different RTP configurations, with the maximum RTP reaching 96.07% when wagering between 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin. The game’s volatility is classified as “Extreme” by Nolimit City, meaning that players can expect significant fluctuations in their winnings. 

With a hit rate of 25.03%, Whacked! keeps the excitement high by removing winning symbols from the reels and replacing them with new ones through the avalanche mechanic.

Whacked Slot Game Features

Whacked! provides an array of thrilling in-game features that elevate the overall gaming experience. Let’s delve into a selection of these enticing features:

Lock ‘N’ Load

When a winning combination occurs, the Lock ‘N’ Load feature activates, loading the next group of bullets into the cylinder. Once the cylinder is fully loaded with six bullets and no more wins occur, bullets randomly fire at high-paying character symbols on the reels, replacing them with wild symbols. This feature adds an extra layer of anticipation and potential for big wins.


Whacked Slot introduces the xWays feature, where symbols can expand to reveal 2 or 4 symbols, creating half symbols. These half symbols function the same as normal-size symbols and remain on the reels until there are no more wins or avalanches. The xWays feature increases the ways to win, providing more opportunities for lucrative combinations.

Scatters and Whacked Spins

By landing three scatter symbols on the reels, players trigger the Whacked slots Spins feature. This bonus round starts with three spins and a base bet value displayed below each reel. During Whacked Spins, all wins are added to the respective counter at the bottom of each reel, and the collected values are tallied for a total payout when the round ends. The xRevolver cylinder symbol can also appear during Whacked Spins and award one of six features within the cylinder, including Coins, xWays, xNudge, and Russian Roulette. Each feature offers unique benefits and multipliers to enhance your winnings.

Nolimit Bonus

For players seeking immediate access to the bonus round, Whacked Slot includes the Nolimit Bonus feature. By clicking the star button, players can purchase entrance to the bonus round for 88 times the bet. The maximum RTP for the bonus buy feature is 96.15%, providing an alternative for those looking for a shortcut to the action-packed bonus round.

Our Verdict

Whacked! may not have the same astronomical winning potential as some of Nolimit City’s other slots, but it offers a well-rounded gaming experience with its unique theme and innovative features. The game’s design captures the gritty atmosphere of the gangster world, immersing players in a desolate and suspenseful setting. 

The Lock ‘N’ Load feature, xWays symbols, and Whacked Spins bonus round provide excitement and opportunities for significant wins. While Whacked! doesn’t push boundaries as forcefully as some of Nolimit City’s previous releases, it remains an entertaining online slot that appeals to players seeking an alternative to conventional themes. 

Get ready to step into the underworld of gangsters and embrace the thrilling demo slots gameplay of Whacked Slot.

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