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Voodoo Temple Slot Review: High Volatility, RTP 96.5% (Lucksome)

Are you looking for the Voodoo Temple slot review? If you play online slots long enough, you’ll eventually find yourself communing with virtual spirits in a voodoo themed game, similar to how you might end up in the strange area of Youtube after too much browsing. 

This could entail concocting concoctions indoors or venturing into dank wilderness regions where the veil between life and death is thinner than usual. 

This game, an online slot by Blueprint Gaming sibling firm Lucksome, features both of these scenarios. Petro and Rado are the two varieties of voodoo, respectively. Rado is the beneficent, tranquil type, and Petro is the darker type, which involves zombies or curses. Let’s see what shape Voodoo Temple takes.

Best Voodoo Temple Slot Review

Voodoo Temple is Lucksome’s fifth release, and the studio’s aesthetic is anything but distinctive. Each of their games is distinct from the others, with Voodoo Temple being the most visually appealing thus far. 

The main game takes place in a bizarre wooden structure filled with flickering lights, drying herbs, weighty tomes, and other traditional voodoo paraphernalia. The soundtrack is also fantastic, with a wall of eerie noises, chanting, bells, and strange echoey effects. 

Voodoo Temple does not fully embrace the evil side, but it gives the idea that with a little prodding, it could.

1. Volatility and RTP

Lucksome seems to be as adventurous with features as they are with the metrics in their games – and players get a lot of them. It begins with the loading screen, which clearly displays information such as a 3/10 bonus frequency and a 7/10 win frequency. 

The overall volatility rating is an 8 out of 10, but when the bonus round starts, players have three alternatives to pick from, each with its own set of volatility settings – another Lucksome feature. 

When playing in the standard mode, where stakes range from 10p to £/€200 each spin, the RTP is a respectable 96.5%, or even higher when using the Shadow Bet, which increases the stake by 20% while also doubling the probability of triggering Shadow Mode.

2. Paying Symbol

Players have 243 opportunities to build winning combinations on the 5-reel, 3-row game grid, as represented by the ‘2’, ‘4’, and ‘3’ imprinted on the three skulls next to the reels. 

Potion bottles, animal skulls, cauldrons, voodoo dolls, and glowing-eyed heads are among the 11 pay symbols; six are lower-value stones with varied patterns engraved on them, while premiums include potion bottles, cauldrons, animal skulls, voodoo dolls, and glowing-eyed heads. 

For the lows, landing a five-of-a-kind winning line is worth 0.6x the wager, while for the highs, it’s worth 1.5-10x the bet. The priestess lady is a wild symbol that can replace any regular pay symbol on reels 2, 3, or 4. As we will see, she is also inextricably linked to the features.

3. Slot Features

Voodoo Temple has a big maximum payout, and getting anywhere close to it will necessitate the use of features like Multiplier Boosts, Shadow Mode, and Free Spins.


Masks with multiplier values are located to the right of the reels. The basic values are x2, x3, and x5, respectively, which are applied to winnings when one, two, or three wild priestess symbols are visible. 

The Multiplier Raise feature, where priestess wilds boost mask multipliers up to x10 in the base game or x50 in free spins, can be triggered at any time.

Shadow Mode

Shadow Mode might appear at any time during the base or bonus game. When triggered, masks can take on increased multiplier values for the next few spins, and when wild symbols appear, they can enhance the multipliers even more.

Free Spins

The free spins scatter symbol is the bone pentagram, and landing at least three of them activates the extra round. 

During free spins, the wild priestess can appear stacked, and there’s a chance she’ll activate the Multiplier Boost or Shadow Mode if you choose the low or medium volatility option. In the high volatility option, Shadow Mode is always on.

Bonus Buy

Players can use the feature buy option to buy a 3, 4, or 5 scatter trigger for 115x, 150x, or 300x the total stake, depending on the game. When buying free spins, the RTP is 97%.

Final Conclusion

Lucksome is proving to be a lot more random than we first thought. Following their debut slot Divine Links and its follow-up Joker Maxima, it appeared that the studio would fight tooth and nail to stay true to their classic roots. Since then, Loki has been mischievous, and Way of the Tiger has taken us on a colorful jungle adventure. 

Now, Lucksome has dabbled in the enigmatic side of life by dabbling in the voodoo arts. They’ve also done it in style. 

This game, with its vibrant colors, precise animations, and spine-tingling soundtrack, gives games like Voodoo Gold a run for their money when it comes to creating an immersive world. Finally, that is our Slot gates of olympus Voodoo Temple slot review

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