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Thrilling Soccer Match in EURO 2000 Final

Football is much awaited by various groups. Starting from young to old, waiting for football in various competitions. The existence of this thrilling soccer match also shows how this game has become an idol for various circles of society.

With the many types of competitions this also shows how popular soccer is. There is one match that is memorable, this is because it was part of a thrilling soccer match that should be remembered well. Wow, very interesting isn’t it?

The excitement of this game will certainly make a game one of the games that cannot be missed. Nowgoal also explains how some of the goals were scored dramatically, making this a pretty tense game and certainly exciting to follow.

With various player actions in it, it makes this game very challenging, you know. This game that grabs the ball to be put into the opponent’s goal will certainly be very exciting to enjoy.

These various types of tense ball matches relate to how unexpected action is on the field. They make football a vehicle to show off and become a field star, which is certainly cool.

With this thrilling soccer match it also shows how the game of football is very thrilling. There is one match that has a lot of tense stories in it, namely the 2000 EURO Final.

Most Thrilling Match of the EURO 2000 Final

Thrilling Soccer Match

This football event is indeed a much-awaited match because it features many superior teams. One of these thrilling soccer match was found in the final that brought Italy vs France together.

These two countries do have qualified expertise, so it’s no wonder it becomes a tense game. The goal action by the French team made the counter-attack against Italy an exciting 2-1 score.

Through supertogel, Azzuri became one of the players who put this team ahead when he scored a goal in the 54th minute. At that time, the game was still superior by Italy, but in the final seconds of the game it became a counter attack. the dramatic one.

Sylvain Wiltord was able to score the second goal in extra time to put France on the winner. Surely this is a superior victory for France behind the action against Italy.

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