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Overwatch PS4 Review – Best PS4 Online Tactical Shooter Game

Overwatch is booming and one of the best PS4 fighting games released with a high amount of beta testers. Finally, the much-awaited game by Blizzard has been released. Well, this game has been released a couple of years back. But it is still an ongoing trend with lots of players coming from Asia and North America. Since it was first announced two years ago, Overwatch has successfully attracted the interest of so many people around the world, including me. With unique character designs, visual style resembling Pixar’s animated films, and the support of the big-name Blizzard, Overwatch looks really promising. Let’s look deeper into this overwatch PS4 review.

At first, players were skeptical of Overwatch because they were worried that the content presented was not worth the expensive price. Yes, this game costs money if you are still wondering. This online FPS game without single-player content in our opinion is more suitable as a free-to-play game.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch PS4 Review - Best PS4 Online Tactical Shooter Game

Overwatch combines a first-person shooter with an objective style of play that is usually found in MOBA/ARTS genre games such as Dota 2. In Overwatch, your goal is to kill all enemies, but carry out certain missions/objectives. Killing the enemy is only one way to achieve the mission and is not a guarantee of winning the match.

Basically, the missions in Overwatch are only divided into two types. These are called as attacks and Defense. But there are variations with different tactical needs. For example, the Defense mission at the control point will be different from the Defense mission to protect the payload game style. There are also missions that require both teams to attacks and fight over a control point in the middle of the arena. The concept is a bit similar to Team Fortress 2.

The concept of the mission is simple, but feels complex because of the large variety of maps and heroes in it. Like Dota 2, the mission is only one type, namely destroying Ancient, so success really depends on understanding the hero, mastery of the battlefield, and player skills. This complexity in simplicity makes Overwatch potentially a very competitive game.

Gameplay of Overwatch PS4 Review

This competitive atmosphere is supported by a reward system that pampers players with high skills. The better you play, the more experience you get. When leveling up, you will get a Loot Box containing various cosmetic items. Collecting cosmetics in this multiplayer game is certainly very fun.

Not only Loot Box, Overwatch also has a highlight system that shows the best game in the match. All participants will be watching the highlight broadcast once the match is over, so being able to “get on TV” is something to be proud of. You will definitely be motivated to practice and play better. That is all for the gameplay of overwatch ps4 review.

Mechanics of FPS in Overwatch

Likewise in Overwatch, you don’t have to be a good sniper to kill enemies to be a hero. There are 21 heroes that you can choose from, and each hero can contribute in their own way. Understanding the hero’s role and designing good teamwork are the most important things in Overwatch

You want to kill the enemy from hidden places? Choose a sniper hero like Widowmaker or Hanzo. They are effective against these heroes. Prefer to advance through enemy siege? Use offensive heroes like Soldier: 76 or Reaper. The team composition will not be complete without tank and support heroes who are in charge of countering the opponent’s attacks, therefore heroes like Reinhardt and Mercy can be popular even though they are not skilled at killing. You’ll see more in our overwatch ps4 review.

We are encouraged to form a balanced and varied team in Overwatch. Even this game will give suggestions/warnings when we choose a hero, so that we know what role should be filled for optimal play. So if on the screen the words “no tank heroes” are displayed but no one wants to choose a tank hero. Don’t be surprised if your team loses tragically.

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Quality and Visuals of the Game

Blizzard didn’t play around in making Overwatch a very well polished game. You can see from the stunning visual quality, intuitive and very responsive game controls, and cool and tantalizing cosmetic designs to show off. But it doesn’t stop there.

You also don’t have to worry about someone leaving in the middle of the match because as soon as a player leaves, the server will automatically replace them with other players instantly. We can indeed go in and out of the match at will, we don’t have to always join from the beginning. And since the missions in Overwatch are very simple, you won’t be confused even if you just joined in the middle of a match.

Community and Engagement of Overwatch

Overwatch is a really fun game. I said above that Overwatch has the potential to be very competitive, but the main feel you’ll get when you play is that it’s made for fun. If you win it feels very satisfying, but if you lose, that’s fine, just move on to the next match. This content is made as an overwatch PS4 review so you can know before buying.

The communication features in Overwatch are structured in a way that encourages positive and mutually supportive communication. You will find that the most frequently used quick chat is greeting “Hello” and telling the cooldown duration of the ultimate move. Because these are the two most accessible chats. With this fast-paced gameplay, even typing for trash-talking feels complicated.

The same goes for when the game is over. You will be faced with a replay containing cool highlights, as well as a screen containing the statistics of the players with the biggest contributions. Then you can commend players that you think are good. Including players from the opposing camp, with just one click. Overwatch invites us to be appreciative of others, and this should be emulated by all online games on earth.

Game Details:

PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
First Released2016
GenreFirst-person shooter
Official Site

Overwatch PS4 Review

– Very competitive and has a calm community
– Many active player base from all around the world

– Hard to master mechanics
– Game play too overwhelming because the graphics are fast



Overwatch is a really fun game. I said above that Overwatch has the potential to be very competitive, but the main feel you’ll get when you play is that it’s made for fun. If you win it feels very satisfying, but if you lose, that’s fine, just move on to the next match.