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Magnetz Slot Demo: Volatility, Features RTP

A grid slot built around the power of magnetism adds to the developer Relax Gaming’s product line. They chose a layout that you don’t see much, if at all, which is another interesting choice. Let’s look at what Magnetz Slot Demo has to offer since individuality is always a terrific place to start.

The game’s action takes place in a sort of factory with a sci-fi theme, with the game area sandwiched between four rocket booster-like gadgets. These turbines shoot symbols onto the grid in an effort to land them in winning clusters. Magnetz starts out with a downbeat ambient track that is pretty calming.

Over time, there’s a considerable likelihood that a number of minor irritations compound and overpower the calming sensation as you give in to aggravation. The game Flower Fortunes Megaways by Fantasma Games comes to mind as having a very similar vibe.

On any device, you can play Magnetz for 10 cents to £/€50 every spin. The ideal way to play bp77 slot on a mobile device is to switch to landscape mode so you can see some of the background, which enhances the ambiance. The game has a fairly respectable RTP rating of 96.6%, which is higher than many we’ve seen recently.

The other essential component of the math model is volatility, which should be set at a medium/high level. It can result in genuine peaks and troughs during a session when coupled with the way Magnetz builds clusters. Respins prolong the action and occasionally result in passable wins, but they are also accompanied by a great deal of downtime.

It’s time to examine Magnetz’s setup. During the base game, players effectively receive four grids, each measuring 3 by 4. Each mini-grid has 12 symbols on it, and each spin aims to land clusters of five or more identical symbols. The grids’ functionality is improved in a number of significant ways during features.

Six normal pay symbols are used by players to create clusters. They lack a clear theme to give them purpose and are also quite ad hoc in nature. Stars, triangles, crescent moons, circles, diamonds, and hexagons are arranged from low to high. Typically, clusters with wins of 0.5 to 1x only contain five of these symbols. It is possible to land clusters of 20 that are worth from 15 to 200 times the stake, though, when the mini-grids merge during features.

The wild is the ultimate representation for this section. The wild can replace the pay symbols anywhere it appears. Additionally, wilds have random multipliers of x1 to x5, and their values are multiplied if there are multiple wilds in a winning cluster.

Magnetz Slot Demo: Features

You need the characteristics to step up if you want to get going because the four grids are smaller than usual. Flux Respins, Magnetic Merges, and Free Spins are a few of the fortunate ones. The four central magnet icons randomly select one of the six symbols to be displayed on each spin.

A Flux Respin is given if five or more symbols in a grid match the adjacent magnet. As long as new matching symbols land, a bonus symbol appears, or five symbols align with another magnet, a new Flux Respin sequence is started.

The Magnetic Merge function is activated when two or more nearby magnets display the same kind of symbol. It is now simpler to activate the Flux Respin feature on the newly larger grid because the two grids have been combined. The word BONUS spans the center of the playing surface.

Each letter illuminates when bonus symbols land, and five more spins are given if the entire word is lit. The main difference between free spins and regular gameplay is that there are now two 9x3x2 grids instead of four mini-grids. This increases the likelihood of hitting Flux Respins and allows for higher combination scores.

Magnetz Slot Demo: Verdict

Magnetz Slot Demo lacks the instant enjoyment and high energy that many popular grid slots have. An opinion, whether favorable or unfavorable, takes time to form. It’s different for one, but there are advantages. You get more coinage from Flux Respins, which occur rather regularly. However, a number of Magnetz’s features make it challenging to truly appreciate the unusual experience.

The little grids themselves make up the first factor. Because there isn’t much room to maneuver, landing clusters of five or more in a small 3×4 area might be challenging. It implies that victories might be infrequent and sporadic, and that their size may also be less flexible than usual when they do occur.

Observing it might be frustrating. Magnetz Slot Demo frequently has a considerably tighter feeling than many grid spaces do. Flux Respins are available to create clusters, however once more, the total area of the individual grids is very small. It only pays off 4x to 20x the bet to fill a grid with the same symbol. It’s helpful if you obtain the most priceless symbol, but it’s a bit of a letdown when you do.

During free spins, Magnetz Slot Demo quickens, expanding the possibilities on the grid. Even yet, the atmosphere is a touch constricting. Finally, during free spins, Flux Respins have greater breathing room and have a possibility to produce higher symbol wins. Here, a successful outcome would be to land 20 stars along with an x5 wild multiplier for an instant 1,000x. If more than one wild multiplier is employed, you can win extra.

Magnetz Slot Demo is unique, although it’s unclear whether it fully functions. Additionally, extended streaks of dead spins are not endearing, so it’s not love at first sight. Magnetz may pique the interest of players looking for a grid slot with a unique design and features. However, it does help you understand why designers frequently stick to tried-and-true procedures.

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