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Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush? Here’s How You Can Know

Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush? When playing no-limit hold’em, one of the most common problems you have to solve is the circumstance in which you have either top pair on the flip or an overpair to the board. But towards the end of the hand you have to figure out if your opponent made a flush.

I’d be wealthy if I could do this perfectly every time. I’m not wealthy, so you can bet I don’t have a perfect recipe figured out. However, there is an indication in this case that is common enough that it is worth knowing about. Is your opponent holding a flush, check this out!

Why am I saying this? Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush

Most casual pkv games terbaik site players do not remember the suits of their cards. They have a visual recall that they hold either two red cards, two black cards, or one red and one black card, but they are unsure of the suits.

If he had two red cards, he would have rechecked them after the flip to see if he had a flush draw before choosing whether or not to call. He, however, did not. On the turn, he just rechecked them, implying that he held one red and one black card. He was trying to see whether he could now create a backdoor flush draw on the river.

I was going to check if a heart came on fourth street after he called my flop bet, assuming that the draw was his most likely hand, but when I saw him inspect his cards again after the third heart came, I altered my mind. He folded after I bet.

Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush ? Tips You Should Understanding

I believe he had a black king and a smaller red card. He most likely learned that his red card was a diamond, or that it was a heart but was too little for him to feel confident that his flush would win even if the river produced a fourth heart.

Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush ? The key to understanding this tip is that players want to know if they have a flush draw. It makes a major difference in determining whether to call. As a result, they no longer need to review their hole cards once they’ve made the flush.

The difficulty for the many players who display this specific tell is to understand that the “suit check” is supposed to detect whether they have a flush draw rather than whether they have a made flush.

Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush? Look at the Indications

If a player’s hole cards are the same color like red or black, he will review them if the board has two cards of the same suit in that color. If his cards are different colors, he’ll normally check them only if the board includes three of the same suit on the flop or turn.

Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush ? This indication is common enough to be extremely profitable and worth keeping an eye out for, but it is no more universal than any other in poker. There are some caveats:

1. Examine the Card in Hand

Some players memorize the suits of their down cards and never need to examine them again later in the hand. (I strongly advise you to engage in this activity)

2. Don’t Misread the Cards 

Some players memorize their suits, but when their flush comes in, they want to make sure they didn’t misread their cards, so they will review before committing a large amount of money to the pot.

3. Giving Impression

Some players are aware of the tell I’ve outlined and are deceitful enough to utilize it against you. When a third suited card reaches the board, such players will check their hole cards, giving the impression that they only have a draw when, in fact, they have a flush. 

Alternatively, they will examine their cards when the flop contains two cards of the same suit in an attempt to fool you into thinking they have a flush draw, allowing them to bluff when the third suited card comes. However, in low-stakes games, this type of player is quite uncommon.

Is Your Opponent Holding a Flush ? Remember that a player who rechecks his cards is usually seeking for a flush draw rather than a full flush, and you’ll be well on your way to understanding how to play your huge pair against him. / Dy

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