Games · April 27, 2021

How To Play World War Z And Get A Lot Of Money

Zombie World War is a game to be played for zombie game lovers. This game has a good image quality and sound effects for the size of a free game. Here are some simple tips on how to play World War Z to help you improve your game.

How To Play World War Z

Here are what you need to do in playing World War Z in order to earn a lot of money.

  1. Defense strategy

    The first explanation about how to play World War Z is that the best defense is to attack and the most dangerous enemy is the one closest to your defense. But what kind of enemy must be eliminated first? Read point 2.

  2. Kinds of zombies

    The dangerous zombies continue in this order: Fast> Explosive> Strong> Average.

    The dangerous type of zombies is the one who move fast. You can reach your defenses fast. Explosive zombies are also dangerous if they get too close to your defenses. The explosion can destroy your defenses too. The strong zombies can act like a shield that prevents you from eliminating other, more dangerous types of zombies. A weapon with a pierce effect was perfect for this person.

  3. Zombie Path

    Each level has a path that zombies follow. Study this so you know the most effective shooting direction.

  4. How To Play World War Z with Arms

    Each weapon must have two special attributes, namely damage and rate of fire. Also, the weapons have special properties which you can see in the weapons on the right side of the screen.

    The special features consist of three types, namely CritHit, ElectricShock, and Pierce. CritHit is the percentage of the weapon’s chance to cause above normal damage.

    ElectricShock is a weapon’s ability to momentarily silence enemies. Pierce is the ability of bullets to penetrate enemies like satay. This pierce attribute is very useful for eliminating large groups of zombies, eg. B. 95 million guns.

  5. Money and Cash

    Here are some tips about money and cash

  • Always complete daily work missions to earn money
  • Never use money to play Lucky Slots and save money for more useful things in the future.
  • Complete all the levels marked “Extra Rewards” to get extra cash and cash.

How to Play World War Z to Get A Lot Of Money


Zombie World War is a stingy cash game online. This trick teaches you that you can make a lot of money without using real money. You get 4x the number of zombies and 1 cash for each level you win first. The amount of money will also decrease to the number of zombies when you play on the level you have completed. The combo system in this game offers bonus money based on the number of combos you make. Here’s how much money you can get:

  • 10 combo = money +4
  • 20 combo = money +10
  • 30 combo = money +20
  • 50 combo = money +40
  • 100 combo = money +100
  • 200 combo = +200 money
  • 300 combo = +300 money
  • and so on in multiples …

Here is a list of levels and an estimate of the money you can earn. Please note that money can be earned during and at the end of the game. This amount of money is a rough estimate with an estimate of the largest number of combos.


  • Level 1-4: The money obtained reaches 1000 with a combination of 200+
  • Level 3-6: Income around 1700 with a combination of 300+ to 400+
  • Level 6-6: Get between 3200 and 4200 with a combination of 400 to 500+


  • Level 7-5: Get around 4000 with a combination of 400 to 500+


  • Level 3-6: Get between 5300 and 7000 with a combination of 600 to 700+
  • Level 4-6: Get between 5300 and 9000 with a combination of 600 to 700+

Additionally, complete all the stages marked “Extra Rewards” to receive extra cash and cash.
Other sources of money and cash

  1. Bank: Tap the red (+) sign in the top right corner to open a bank. Here you can buy cash and cash with real money.
  2. Install the app: Open Daily Tasks. The bottom option will ask you to download and install the app with bonus money.
  3. Slots Luck: Play slot machines and pay 2 cash to get cash up to 9999.

So, that was how to play World War Z, which you can try to make a lot of money. It’s definitely fun and you are even more challenged to play it if you already know how to play World War Z as explained above.

The World War Z game is one way to earn real money. However, it is not the only one. There are still other ways you can try, for example by playing many games at casino online.