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Hex Breaker Slot Review from IGT 2022

For those of you who want to play the Hex Breaker slot (or also called Hexbreak3r or Hexbreaker 3), is clearly the 3rd sequel in a series that has brought us a couple of slots already. IGT as the provider seems considered to continue it around for  a while. 

They are providing us the similar Voodoo-like inspiration for the design, where symbols include black cats and small figurines with needles sticking out of them. The game has a darker design, yes it fits for Halloween or just for general gameplay. The slot also offers some exciting special features as well.

The Introduction: Hex Breaker Slot Review

The Hex Breaker slot works with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways to win, however, it has the ability to boost the game winnings to as many as 59,049 ways. In addition, the pays system is both ways, so combinations are just easier to create. 

Even though potential should be good, but the winnings are very low, giving at most 15 coins for each session. Fixed jackpots of up to 1,412.5x are offered as well. The special features of this game will include Wild symbol, Stacked bonus symbol, expanding reels, a Luck Zone, symbol substitutes, and Free Spins.

How to Play

To play this game, you are getting a betting system that needs 80 coins and starts from a minimum of $0.80. The selections listed in the game will then allow you to go for $2,400 as high, in which case every coin can be worth up to $30. 

Hex Breaker Slot

There are some ways to get awarded in the game, including bonus games of up to 5,000 coins, a fixed jackpot of up to 1,412.5x the bet, or the amount coming from a combination (15 coins each line, with as many as 59,059 ways potential). The limitations may be in place, however, we did not find them in the paytable. 

Moreover, the RTP of the game is stated, but IG as the provider gives us a range for it rather than a specific number. They state that the RTP of Hex Breaker slot around 92.86% to 96.50%. It would be good if it was at the higher end, however, we assume that it might be in the middle, and that is not very exciting. 

Game Features

The logo game is going to act as a Wild symbol, a substitute for other symbols that you will find on the 2, 3, and 4 reels. In addition, when a Golden Horseshoe should land on a reel, it will activate an extension of the column it is on, adding 1 to 2 extra positions at the top.

A Luck Zone appears, where you can receive cash bonuses, bonus features or black cats, and where wins of up to 5,000 coins are possible to be offered. Symbol substitutes may appear at any time, as part of a random event. Moreover, up to 4 symbols can be changed in every reel. 

Triggering the Free Spins requires that you have the bonus symbol available on the middle three columns, or a bonus symbol drops in the Luck Zone. The extension of the reels is activated using the Golden Horseshoe symbol. 

It happens for every column where the symbol occurs. Wild symbols are also available for the middle 3 columns, and the paytable symbols transform for this feature.

In addition, there is a Jinx Zone in the game. It can give you bonus symbols with cash bonuses as well as pink cat symbols. The orbs that drop three can give you rewards of up to 5,000 coins. 

Game Design

Hex Breaker slot has a theme similar to the previous sequel. It gives us black cats, the number 13, ravens, potions, voodoo dolls, and other equally creepy pictures. 

In the end, there are a number of feature symbols in use, such as horseshoes, black cats, bonus logos, however, low-value Royals. The graphics are also not quite impressive, we assume far from it. However, they do their job well and they are dark enough to fit the theme. 

Our Conclusion

Hex Breaker slot or Hexbreaker 3 look like a slot machine game that may be worth playing, at least if you want to enjoy the scary theme. It obviously has enough features in it, even though they seem a bit too complex at times, as they need some pages of text to figure out how they work. 

In the last, the game RTP is also stated as a range and is likely to be lower than the gambling industry standard. If you want to look for other slots, you can join other players at 777Hoki, the most trusted online casino. 

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