Games · November 5, 2021

3 Essential Things in Golden Grimoire Slot, An Exciting Game

The Golden Grimoire slot from game maker Netent is all about magic books. Hmmm, where have we heard that before…

Is Golden Grimoire yet another ‘snack’ from Netent or is it a slot that you should definitely try? Read more.

Best Review of Golden Grimoire Slot

1. How Does Golden Grimoire Work?

Golden Grimoire has five reels with four symbols per reel and 40 paylines. You can play from 20 cents per spin. The symbols on the slot consist of gems supplemented with the card symbols hearts, spades, diamonds and clover.

However, what is important are the magic books (in old-fashioned English: grimoires ) on reels three, four and five. After the reels have been turned, all the magic books change to a different symbol.

If you have the same symbol on the first reel on the same row, the positions in between will also change in that symbol. With a bit of luck this results in beautiful combinations.

Moreover, if you are very lucky, the books will turn into Wilds. Then all intermediate positions also turn into Wilds and it’s cashier!. 

Finally, there is a scatter. If you spin three, you win eight free spins. During the free spins, the magic books are sticky, so they remain in place for the rest of the bonus round.

2. Golden Grimoire’s 1000 Spins

As always, we definitely play 1000 spins in the game. Then, the minimum bet of $0.20 per spin.

Golden Grimoire looks beautiful and mysterious. The soundtrack completes the intriguing atmosphere. 

What also makes it nice is, there are many prizes. A little less pleasant is that those prices are not very high. During the regular basic game, we take the highest prize of $3.70. That’s 18.5 times the stake. Meh!.

The magic books roll across the screen very often, in about one in eight spins you will get at least one magic book. 

However, do not count on being rich in advance. More than half of the time, the magic symbol did not match the symbols on the first reel.

If there are prizes, the profit is very variable. It could be $0.06. However, we also grabbed $12 once and $7.80, $6.26. That is nice!.

Then the free spins, we get them three times. It is absolutely possible to win big if you spin a good number of magic books early in the bonus round. 

However, during this test session, the profit was a bit disappointing: $13.64, $7.50 and $6.06. We closed its 1000 spins with a loss of $23.04.

3. The Payout Percentage

The theoretical payout percentage (RTP) of the online slot Golden Grimoire from Netent is 96.44%. This means that, in the very long term, measured over millions of spins, Golden Grimoire will ultimately pay out 96.44 cents in prizes for every euro wagered.

Furthermore, if you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage can be much higher or much lower, a matter of luck or just bad luck.

We had more bad luck than average in the 1000 spins he played for this slot review. We can’t say anything about your chances of winning at domino99 Golden Grimoire.

In conclusion, Golden Grimoire slot is a nice online game from Netent with a good atmosphere. 

Magic books are a funny phenomenon, but they usually don’t make you rich. With the free spins you can win a lot, but more often you have to do it with a medium prize.

Although the slot seems mysterious, playing it is not a very exciting event as far as we are concerned.

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