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Is Gambling a Sin in Sikhism

Is Gambling a Sin in Sikhism? Let’s look further! Many think that Sikhism comes from a mixture of Islam and Hinduism. According to the Sikh religious leader, Prem Singh, the teachings brought by Guru Nanak Dev did not overlap with Hinduism or Islam.

However, he agrees that there are a number of rituals and values ​​that are inspired by the two religions.

“Actually, it cannot be said that (the slice of Hinduism and Islam). But there are universal values ​​that are similar to Hinduism and Islam. There are also practices in Hinduism and Islam that are criticized by the Sikh religion. “

History of Sikhism

Sikhism appeared for the first time in Punjab, North India, in 1469. There are 10 figures who are considered to be prophets with the title Guru at the beginning of their names. The last of the prophets, Guru Gobind Singh, died on 7 October 1708.

Sikhism has the essence of belief in the oneness of God. Where is God? Sikhs believe that God exists in every creation, including in humans.

This statement is similar to the hadith which is the basis for the group of Sufism (its adherents are called Sufis) in Islam, namely “whoever knows himself, then he knows his God”.

“We believe that God has various names even though there is only one God. In the Guru Grant Sahib Scriptures, there is the term Allah too, but what is commonly used is Waheguru. “Sikhs are taught to find God who resides in each of their creations,” said Prem.

Sikhism is a religion as well as a recognized belief. Many of you might be interested in whether or not this religion allows gambling. Because there are so many views out there, it may be important for you to know which is right.

This is due to the increasing trends in gambling. You can easily find online gambling agents on the internet. Which provides various types of games.

Even the Sikhs often confuse gambling as being something allowed.

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Is Gambling a Sin in Sikhism?

A Sikh has their own moral obligations as well as responsibilities. According to the BBC, a Sikh is supposed to live in total honesty. This means that they cannot make lies, they cannot be involved in any form of crime at all. Making them a very pure individual. On top of that, they should also be an individual with good intentions.

To keep in simple, a Sikh is not allowed to do any type of devious activities. Some of these devious activities also include begging, gambling, wagering, drinking alcohol, smoking, smoking tobacco, and so much more. All of these are categorized as a devious action by the Sikh.

But you may be more curious on why is gambling a sin in Sikhism. Because this religion bans all kinds of actions. Well the religion of Sikhism wants its people to live an honest life.

Not only that, they also wants its people to follow certain teachings. All of these teachings concluded that people should live a charitable life. A life in which you give to others. When you gamble, you are taking money from others.

There is no easy path in life for the Sikh. Because anything that comes easy will also go away easily. You cannot beg, you cannot force others to give you money.

When a person gambles, you are taking away people’s money. Whether or not it is actually legal, it is still forbidden in the religion of Sikhism.

Teachings of Sikhism that Prohibits Gambling

In Sikhism, a person does not think that it is good to the eyes of the God. If they simply pay attention to themselves. Hence Sikhism also devotes its attention to other people. Not only individual needs, but you need to devote yourself to other people. This is a proof that you are also in good intention.

On top of that, you do not need to get away from other people. Sikhism is a teaching in which it wants to pull people together. You have to be close to everyone else and the community. Doing simply things counts as a good deed to the Gods. Hence making you are your God closer than before.

Simply doing charities also count as giving. When you do charities, you are giving your good deeds to support other people.

Duties of a Sikh

As a sikh, you are responsible of doing several duties. These duties is a must and you cannot deny these duties. They are the duties that was given by the gurus or the teachers. And these teachings have existed for hundreds of years. Up to this date, these teachings and duties has been a guidance for you as a Sikh.

Your first duties a as Sikh is that you need to pray. Praying is an important part of almost any religion. Because this is the only way you can talk to God. And then you can also pray at different times, with different chantings or things that you want to say to God. Hence making it a very important step of the day.

All types of gurus will encourage you to pray. This means that you are in Nam japna. Or in other words, you always have God in your mind. And to express this feeling, you need to pray. Praying will help you keep in touch and always receive God’s wisdom.

Next up, the duties of the Sikhs are also called as Kirt Karna. Kirt Karna basically means that you need to have an honest living. You put in the hard work, but the hard work itself must be in a good place.

Do not put your good time into things such as drinking, gambling, and any type of factories related. Sikhs are limited to the amount of jobs that they can choose. As long as it does not involve any thing dishonest.

Last but not least, a Sikh must be able to give. Giving is a big part of Sikhism. Giving does not mean that you have to give your money away.


There is no real opinion about whether betting is sinful or not. However, the explanation of how a Sikh lives their life, then gambling may not be part of their lifestyle.