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Beautiful Bones Slot Review (Microgaming, RTP 96.55%)

Are you looking for the Beautiful Bones slot review for better insight? It is a Microgaming slot machine, draws influence from South America’s history and people, resulting in a stunning slot machine with many beautiful women occupying key locations on the reels. 

This slot is special because they only have skulls painted on their faces. Wild symbols, scatters, free spins, and multipliers are among the features offered in this game, which has 243 ways to win.

Summary of Beautiful Bones Slot Review

Beautiful Bones Slot Review

The minimum stake you may make when playing Beautiful Bones is 25 cents. You can spend as little as $0.25 every spin because the smallest denomination is $0.01. 

However, you can go much higher, but you’ll need to raise both the coin value and the quantity of coins used. If you’re intending to change the latter, you’ll need multiples of 25 cents.

Slots with multiple ways to win rarely have large payouts since they often cover fewer lines in their wagers than they actually generate combos on. Free spins, with multipliers ranging from 3x to 5x, increase the value of those wins in this game.

1. Slot Features

In terms of features, we enjoy what Microgaming has done here. They didn’t stop with the standard features; they also improved the way you trigger free spins and gave you the option to wait longer for bigger prizes.

We’re referring to the manner in which the free spins are awarded, which is through dispersed Skulls that you gather on the left-hand meter. Bonus Keeper is the name of the meter, and it has three levels, each of which can gather up to ten skulls.

Free Spins

You’ll be given 10 free spins after collecting the first 10 scattered Skulls, with 3x the standard payouts. Instead of taking the free spins, you can choose to keep collecting skulls. The second level requires the collection of 20 skulls, and it awards 15 spins with a 4x multiplier. 

Bonus Keeper

Finally, if you want to bypass the free spins round, you can keep collecting for the Bonus Keeper until you have 30 Skulls. The feature will then award you 18 spins with a 5x multiplier on all winnings. Find the most appropriate situs judi online slot for you to play.

In this game, wild symbols are one of the potential features that you can activate. When the wilds appear on reels that require other types of normal symbols, you’ll use these to make combinations.

2. Design and Theme

Parts of the game appear to be Spanish, while others appear to be Aztec. It would look like a carnival or Spanish theme without the skulls put on people’s faces, with beautiful women wearing flowers in their hair and musicians playing guitars. 

There are red hearts and red roses on the table, as well as poker cards. Overall, the game looks fantastic, with the skull masks appearing far better than you’d anticipate.

Final Thoughts

In the end of this Beautiful Bones slot review, it should be a simple and enjoyable game. It has the looks for it, it has fantastic features, and owing to the ways to win method, it will pay out frequently.

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