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Aurora Heathens Lyrics Meaning to Listen on MP3Juice

Are you looking for Aurora Heathens lyrics meaning? Her newest album, which includes the song (“Heathens”) we’re talking about today, appears to involve the youthful vocalist taking on some established, and shall we say difficult religious theory, judging by the title alone.

Explanation Aurora Heathens Lyrics Meaning

In the context of “Heathens,” it appears as though the singer is blending or contrasting certain core principles associated with Christianity and other such religions (i.e. those founded on the Torah) with what many would consider a pagan belief system as a basis.

For example, Christianity believes that human beings are basically imperfect from a moral sense. This signifies that we are born into a fallen world. However, it appears that Aurora does not share this perspective.

Even while we are imperfect, that does not mean we are faulty, according to people like herself. And it is for this reason that the female entity who appears throughout the lyrics accepts mankind despite its flaws. 

It’s as though the religious precepts of faith systems such as Christianity are stacked against us. They limit our freedom as a result of this.

Aurora Heathens Lyrics Meaning

The ‘Heathens’

As a result of this resolve to do what they want despite such precepts, such people, including the vocalist, are classified as “heathens,” or people who refuse to follow any of the main religious bodies.

Aurora Talks about ‘Heathens’

If all of this sounds a little perplexing, you’re not alone. Aurora has alluded to the theory that the female being named in the lyrics is Eve of Genesis (i.e. the first book of the Bible) fame in her own explanation of the song.

Aurora clarified this in a recent interview. “Heathens,” she claims, was inspired by Eve’s fortitude in the Bible when she ate the “forbidden apple.” Eve, according to the artist, “gave people free will” by doing so. As a result, Aurora chose this song to honor Eve and all other women like her.

Good and Evil

The artist also makes a roundabout mention to another similar entity, if you will, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the chorus. 

The similar tree was also found in the Garden of Eden. Many of us may have a rudimentary idea of what the “trees of Eden” represent in terms of religion. However, not everyone sees the biblical tale of the Fall of Man in the same light.

According to legend, God warned Adam and Eve, the human race’s forefathers, not to eat from the forbidden tree (s). They did it anyhow, and were cursed as a result.

Individuals who adhere to anti-Christian belief systems, such as Luciferianism or Satanism, also utilize the same story as a symbolic reference point. That is to say, they believe God cursed mankind as a result of Adam and Eve eating the fruit that gave them insight of good and evil.

The Viewpoint

In the viewpoint of such “heathens,” however, God is the villain. Simply expressed, these people perceive God as a figure of power who restricts free will. 

As a result, from their perspective, Satan, who rather pushed Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, is more comparable to a hero. Eve, who was the first to eat the fruit, would be the same way.

And the type of Luciferianism that concentrates solely on Eve, as the words of this song imply, is supposedly referred to as Satanic Feminism or something similar.

As a result, Aurora can be considered a priestess of that doctrine. It revolves around two key principles, according to her. The first is that she does not agree with existing mainstream faiths, which, to put it simply, create the impression of forgiveness.

In the end, after you read this Aurora Heathens lyrics meaning, you certainly want to enjoy the song. You can access it freely on mp3juices