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Atlantean GigaRise Review (Progressive Slot) RTP 96%

Are you planning to enjoy a slot game? Well, we have this Atlantean GigaRise review for you! In Atlantean GigaRis, the focus of attention is the lost city of Atlantis, which explorers and scholars have been trying to find for generations. 

The game provides an incredible view of the city, or at least part of its ruins, in which the game is set. It has a lot to offer, with progressive jackpots and some unique expanding reels, and it’s one of the Yggdrasil slots to look forward to.

Atlantean GigaRise Review: The Coolest Game

The Atlantean GigaRise slot machine has 243 ways to win on its five reels at first, but thanks to reel expansions, it’s possible to get up to 32,768 ways to win at some point. It’s possible to win up to $174,800, which is nearly 4,370 times the stake. 

When you add in five progressive jackpots, it’s easy to see why this slot is so popular. The game will be fair enough during its whole life with a 96% RTP. Rising Reels and various bonus games with free spins are two special features that will help you along the road.

Atlantean GigaRise Review

Prizes and Wagering

You can choose your wager by selecting the coin value, which ranges from $0.20 to $40 every spin ($0.01 to $2 per coin).

If we only consider the base game, the payouts can be rather impressive, reaching up to 4,370x the stake. If a player bets the maximum, he or she might win up to $174,800 in cash.

There will also be 5 progressive prizes to compete for, the most prestigious of which is the Legendary jackpot (seeded at 15,000 GBP, and expected to pay about 100,000 GBP). The Ancient, Mythical, Rare, and Forgotten Jackpots are the others.

The RTP on the table is 96%, and it’s likely that it will include the payments from the progressive jackpots. The standard side of the game is likely to be below comparable games, given it comes with these added prizes.

Game Features

When Tridents appear on a horizontal reel in the upper area, the Rising Reels feature will add extra symbols to the top of the reels, making it one of the most exciting parts to explore. 

You only need to see the Trident bonus symbols for them to take you to 1,024 ways (5×4 reels), 3,125 ways (5×5 reels), and so on, all the way up to 32,768 ways (5×8 reels). When the round is finished, the reels are reset.

If you hit the maximum bet size and still land Trident symbols, you’ll be sent to the bonus round. It’ll give you a random one from four various possibilities. One of the progressive jackpots, up to 80 free spins, or up to 200x the bet in cash winnings are all possible wins in this game.

The free spins are the game’s third significant feature. These can be earned through the previously described bonus game, but they can also be obtained by Shell scatter symbols. 

These must land three, four, or five times in order to receive 20, 40, or 80 free games, accordingly. Due to the existence of additional Tridents, expanding the reels will be easier in this mode.

Design in The Game

This slot machine is set in the ruins of Atlantis. The massive white marble columns in the background, which surround the game area, will catch your eye. 

The reels are housed in a temple-like structure with massive marble columns lining the walls. There are still a lot of symbols that portray basic Royals in various colors, but there will also be images of pottery, tridents, and temples.

To conclude our Atlantean GigaRise review, it appears to be a good choice, a slot machine with progressive jackpots and a good 96% RTP. Finding games at daftar slot online with a reasonable return and jackpots isn’t always simple, and we’d add that there are some unique features at work in this one as well. / Dy

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