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12 Trojan Mysteries Slot Review: RTP 96.50%, High Volatility

Are you searching for the 12 Trojan Mysteries slot review? On this page, you will find it! These days, the word ‘Trojan Horse’ refers to a type of malware that masquerades as genuine software but provides malicious players access to your deepest darkest secrets, such as bank accounts and sort codes. 

The original Trojan Horse was likewise a false device used by the Greeks to overthrow their Trojan enemies, effectively ending a decade of conflict. In 4ThePlayer’s traditionally themed in this slot, we return to this horrific era.

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A Brief of 12 Trojan Mysteries Slot Review

4ThePlayer has done an excellent job of reproducing the Trojan Horse in the game’s setting, with its towering lashed wood next to Troy’s formidable walls. However, it begs the question of why the Trojans were so trusting. 

Someone would have stabbed it with spears, set it on fire, or at the very least knocked on the wood to see if it was hollow, right? In any case, there’s a 6-reel, 4-row game grid in front of the horse and the massive walls, with 4,096 possibilities to win. 

We couldn’t have a classically inspired epic without some similarly epic music, which 4ThePlayer has wisely included to round off the journey back in time.

12 Trojan Mysteries Slot Review

Return to Player and Game-risk

If you’ve seen the Iliad, you’ll know that its heroes, gods, and soldiers were renowned for being volatile, which meant they might change their minds in an instant. 

This game isn’t quite as volatile as fickle, but it’s still a high-risk game with a 96.50% RTP. Wins occur once every five spins on average, resulting in a 20.8 percent official frequency. The game is played on any device and caters to most gamblers with stakes ranging from 10p to £/€50 per spin.

Pay Symbols

Combinations of two or three symbols must land left to right from the leftmost reel to form a win, depending on the symbol type. The table contains 11 pay symbols in total: six 9-A royals, a pot, a bag of cash, and three characters. 

It doesn’t indicate who they are, so let’s guess: Achilles, Paris (despite him being more famed for being a lover than a combatant), and Helen. 

If you get six Helen symbols in a row, you’ll get a 7.5-times-your-bet reward. The golden apple wild is the final symbol in this area, and it can appear on any reel. It has no intrinsic worth, but it can be used to complete a winning combination by replacing any other pay symbol.

Game Features

It was the wooden horse that brought the Trojan War to a close, and it’s the same horse that goes to some of the most gripping scenes in the 12 Trojan Mysteries. 

It is used as a mystery symbol in this game, appearing on any reel. If a combination of mystery symbols forms a winning combination, they all turn into the same symbol type – which is picked at random.

1. Mystery Free Spins

When at least three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, Mystery Free Spins are started. In addition, if you get 4, 5, or 6 scatters, you’ll get a side payment of 10x, 100x, or 10,000x your stake. 

During the bonus, each scatter that lands provides you with an extra free spin, with no limit to the number of free spins you can earn.

2. Mystery Meter

A Mystery Meter shows above the grid during free spins, randomly selecting a symbol on each spin. This might be the wild or any other pay symbol. A Trojan Horse will only morph into the symbol chosen on the Mystery Meter if it lands. 

The Mystery Meter is particularly intriguing because the lowest symbol is removed with each free spin. This means that only the most valued symbols will be chosen for the mystery symbol reveal as the feature advances.

3. Buy Features

Finally, where possible, players can buy 50 times their stake to skip straight to the bonus round. Doing so does not affect the RTP.

Final Verdict

This game was a bit of a let-down after evaluating 4ThePlayer’s prior slot, 3 Secret Cities. In addition, this slot appears to be in good shape, at least in terms of background art; the grid and much of the menu appear to have been thrown together by a fresh new company. 

It could also be because 3 Secret Cities was such a visual treat that it has increased our expectations for whatever 4ThePlayer does next. As a pokerlegenda result, there’s something about 12 Trojan Mysteries slot review that feels a little underwhelming.

Finally, let us give you some suggestions. You can play Diamond Dozen, Cleopatra, and Mars Odyssey for free in any online casino sites. These slots are almost the same with 12 Trojan Mysteries slot game, but they are free and a bit different in terms of gameplay, features, and bonuses. Try them and thank us later!

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